Town Hall Meeting

Improvement had been recorded from the children since the inception of the Clubhouse Project but this improvement did not meet the expectations of the L4L team. Various challenges have been identified as the reasons for the seemingly snail paced improvement recorded in the Clubhouses. Some of the challenges include child labour practices, literacy issues and over populated classrooms. These challenges are beyond the scope of L4L‘s objectives but can be better addressed if parents, guardians, community leaders and the community as a whole get involved in the situation.

These challenges and the need to get the community involved informed the need to hold a Town Hall meeting in the school. The meeting was held on Wednesday, 17th July, 2013 at Lagos Mainland Local Government Primary School with 36 people in attendance. Attendees included parents, teachers, community leaders, religious leaders and representatives of the Parent Teachers Forum (PTF). The meeting addressed issues affecting the children and the schools and in turn the Clubhouses.

Attendees at the meeting promised to be more helpful in guiding the children, providing support for the school and generally ensuring a better community for the children.

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