Providing laptops to Nigerian teachers and children as a learning tool

Laptops4Learning (L4L) Nigeria is a Non Profit organisation with the aim of providing laptops to Nigerian teachers and children as a learning tool.  L4L’s goal is to provide elementary and secondary teachers and school-age children in Nigeria with laptop computers, software, training and conducive environment that will empower them to learn, explore, experiment and express themselves in creative and productive ways that will ultimately bring about transformative change in Nigeria.

The Association consists of   Mr.Tunde Arogunmati, Carolyn Hall, Phil Hall, One Laptop Per Child Ltd/Gte , Abimbola Okoya-Urey, Funmi Onabolu, Diana Johnson and Ria Mastoroudes.

The evolution of the Laptops 4 Learning Nigeria project into a Computer Club chain template for schools which has been a tremendous improvement and brilliant re-engineering of the global One Laptop per Child template to the Nigerian (and invariably African) educational environment.

L4L proposed and Kuramo Primary School, VI agreed to participate in a L4L Pilot Project which will involve the creation of a L4L facility in one of the Kuramo Primary School classrooms, technical and soft skills training for the teachers, provision of laptops for the teachers and students in Primary 4, 5 and 6. The objective of the pilot project is to develop a replicable programme for primary schools that will enable teachers use laptops to teach and students use them as a learning tool based on the Nigerian curriculum.

Kuramo Primary School will make available a dedicated classroom within the school compound for the exclusive use of L4L for a minimum period of three years which is the period it will take for the students in primary 4 benefiting from the programme to reach primary 6. The classroom which will be designated as the “L4L Room” will be accessible to Kuramo Primary School teachers, students and authorized L4L members and representatives during school hours, afterschool and on weekends.

Laptops4Learning will refurbish the classroom by replacing furniture or fittings as it may deem necessary to make the room conducive for interactive learning.

The L4L Launch, formally opened by Golden Penny is called; Golden Penny L4L Club House. Golden Penny is the official sponsors of the club and are represented by Marilyn Drennan, Personal Assistant to the Managing Director and the Golden Penny team.

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