Welcome to another beautiful month with Laptops 4 Learning  (L4LI).  We bring you news of activities that have been taking place on L4LN.

For us at L4LN, a non-profit social enterprise, we aim to provide screen based technology to Nigerian teachers and children as a learning tool in order for them to embrace the 21st century. Our goal is to ensure that school aged children in  Nigeria are provided with all forms of screen based technology and a conducive environment for learning that will empower them to explore, experiment and express themselves in creative and productive ways that will ultimately bring about transformative change in Nigerian communities.

Our initiative involves the acquisition, distribution and strategic utility of screen based technology as learning tools for teachers and children in primary schools in Nigerian urban and rural communities with a strategic focus on government schools.

For us at L4LN, we believe that screen based technology is here to stay and it is a fact of life that will live with our children. Our vision is the CHILD, to ensure that they are able to compete with other children around the world and that is why we are starting with government schools for children who cannot afford these necessities. It is true that the government cannot do everything for us, so it is left for the citizens to help make the country more conducive for our future; our children.

On the 24th of November, 2011 we had a stakeholder meeting which involved our Board of Directors, the Parent Forum, the Council, the Community, the State Universal Basic Education Board, Education Secretary, and Golden Penny, at Kuramo Primary School. We realized positive responses concerning our initiative, which resulted to our renovation of one of the classrooms that is now our Golden Penny L4L Club House.   The Kuramo teachers went through different series of training with some of our partners, Team Management Partners Ltd (TMPL) and TechnoVision. TMPL which involves soft skills worked on their team building, confidence, and communication skills, while TechnoVision worked on their technical skills, to ensure that they could handle their machines. The teachers who were able to pass these trainings were picked as L4LN Club Facilitators.

Kuramo primary school which is our founding club house was launched on the 9th of August, 2011. The school, the teachers and the children have improved in so many ways, the teachers now show enthusiasm as to how they envision life, they have made learning interesting for the children and the children in response are now eager to learn and develop themselves.

The Leventis Group decided to sponsor one of our club houses, so we choose a school in the mainland in their immediate community. Lagos Mainland Local Government School (LMLG) was chosen and on the 4th of September, 2012 we had a stakeholder meeting which involved our Board of Directors, Leventis Group, Mainland Education Secretary, State Universal Basic Education Board, and the Parent Forum, at the school which also resulted positive.

Presently renovations are ongoing in one of the class rooms at Lagos Mainland Local Government School, which will be the Leventis L4LN Club House. The teachers are also going through their trainings with our able partners.

We have decided to create as many club house as possible to ensure that our children are exposed at an early age to what will define them.

We hope you found this informative, for more enquiries and comments please visit our website www.l4ln.org and/or look out for our monthly news letter.

Thank you.

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