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Summer Club 2013

With a mission to improve the IT knowledge and the general skills of the children in a conducive, fun filled environment L4L in conjunction with the Ovie Brume Foundation (OBF) organised a2-week Summer Club which held at the Clubhouse. The Summer Club ran from the26th of August to the 6th of September 2013 from 10am – 4pm (Monday to Friday).

Activities that took place during the camp included interactive computer training sessions, Soft skills/team building sessions, a Read-A-Thon, various skill acquisition sessions, an excursion to Cisco systems Inc. and host of other activities. All these were geared towards improving the children’s skills and knowledge.

From the evaluation exercise conducted by OBF the L4L team can say that a 20.8% improvement in IT knowledge was recorded at the Leventis-L4L Clubhouse Summer Club.

The Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC) in a show of support of the L4L project gave L4L scholarship slots to its 2013 Girls Residential Technology Camp. 11 year old Immaculate Mbata of LMLG Primary school represented the Leventis-L4L Clubhouse at the camp which held from the 11th to 24th of August, 2013. As part of the activities for the summer going forward the W.TEC camp will be a destination spot for the most active female Clubhouse participant in a school session.

Town Hall Meeting

Improvement had been recorded from the children since the inception of the Clubhouse Project but this improvement did not meet the expectations of the L4L team. Various challenges have been identified as the reasons for the seemingly snail paced improvement recorded in the Clubhouses. Some of the challenges include child labour practices, literacy issues and over populated classrooms. These challenges are beyond the scope of L4L‘s objectives but can be better addressed if parents, guardians, community leaders and the community as a whole get involved in the situation.

These challenges and the need to get the community involved informed the need to hold a Town Hall meeting in the school. The meeting was held on Wednesday, 17th July, 2013 at Lagos Mainland Local Government Primary School with 36 people in attendance. Attendees included parents, teachers, community leaders, religious leaders and representatives of the Parent Teachers Forum (PTF). The meeting addressed issues affecting the children and the schools and in turn the Clubhouses.

Attendees at the meeting promised to be more helpful in guiding the children, providing support for the school and generally ensuring a better community for the children.


Its learning, its technology and its fun all the way as L4LN inaugurates Summer club 2013 for the students at its various Club houses.  Commencing on the 26th August, the L4LN Summer club promises to be exciting as preparations are underway to ensure that the students have a swell time. See you there kids!


There has never been a better time to introduce screen-based technology to the Nigerian child than now. Little wonder it was a day of fulfilled dreams at the launch of the L4LN Clubhouse for Little Saints Orphanage, girls section, OGUDU on the 3rd of August 2013.


On the 1st of June 2013, in Lagoon Hall, Mainland Hotel Lagos, Laptops 4 Learning (L4L) Nigeria held a meeting with its team of facilitators who have put in their best in time and effort to achieve the L4L aim of providing screen-based technology to teachers and children alike.

In appreciation, L4LN gave out Certificates of participation to some facilitators while others got Laptops to help improve their learning at the Club houses in their various schools.  Present at the seminar were representatives of one of the L4L Sponsors (Leventis Foundation), local Government Chairmen, a representative of the Little Saints Orphanage, members of the L4LN Board of directors, L4LN able volunteers and a host of others.

The organization is using this opportunity to once again thank its team of volunteers and urge them to even greater heights.


Welcome to another beautiful month with Laptops 4 Learning  (L4LI).  We bring you news of activities that have been taking place on L4LN.

For us at L4LN, a non-profit social enterprise, we aim to provide screen based technology to Nigerian teachers and children as a learning tool in order for them to embrace the 21st century. Our goal is to ensure that school aged children in  Nigeria are provided with all forms of screen based technology and a conducive environment for learning that will empower them to explore, experiment and express themselves in creative and productive ways that will ultimately bring about transformative change in Nigerian communities.

Our initiative involves the acquisition, distribution and strategic utility of screen based technology as learning tools for teachers and children in primary schools in Nigerian urban and rural communities with a strategic focus on government schools.

For us at L4LN, we believe that screen based technology is here to stay and it is a fact of life that will live with our children. Our vision is the CHILD, to ensure that they are able to compete with other children around the world and that is why we are starting with government schools for children who cannot afford these necessities. It is true that the government cannot do everything for us, so it is left for the citizens to help make the country more conducive for our future; our children.

On the 24th of November, 2011 we had a stakeholder meeting which involved our Board of Directors, the Parent Forum, the Council, the Community, the State Universal Basic Education Board, Education Secretary, and Golden Penny, at Kuramo Primary School. We realized positive responses concerning our initiative, which resulted to our renovation of one of the classrooms that is now our Golden Penny L4L Club House.   The Kuramo teachers went through different series of training with some of our partners, Team Management Partners Ltd (TMPL) and TechnoVision. TMPL which involves soft skills worked on their team building, confidence, and communication skills, while TechnoVision worked on their technical skills, to ensure that they could handle their machines. The teachers who were able to pass these trainings were picked as L4LN Club Facilitators.

Kuramo primary school which is our founding club house was launched on the 9th of August, 2011. The school, the teachers and the children have improved in so many ways, the teachers now show enthusiasm as to how they envision life, they have made learning interesting for the children and the children in response are now eager to learn and develop themselves.

The Leventis Group decided to sponsor one of our club houses, so we choose a school in the mainland in their immediate community. Lagos Mainland Local Government School (LMLG) was chosen and on the 4th of September, 2012 we had a stakeholder meeting which involved our Board of Directors, Leventis Group, Mainland Education Secretary, State Universal Basic Education Board, and the Parent Forum, at the school which also resulted positive.

Presently renovations are ongoing in one of the class rooms at Lagos Mainland Local Government School, which will be the Leventis L4LN Club House. The teachers are also going through their trainings with our able partners.

We have decided to create as many club house as possible to ensure that our children are exposed at an early age to what will define them.

We hope you found this informative, for more enquiries and comments please visit our website www.l4ln.org and/or look out for our monthly news letter.

Thank you.

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L4LN Project Managers

Executive Vice-Chair Laptops 4 Learning receives MBE in Queen Elizabeth ll Diamond Jubilee Birthday Honours

Carolyn Hall, the Executive Vice-Chair of Laptops for Learning has received an MBE in this years Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to education and environmental awareness in Nigeria.

Carolyn Hall

Carolyn Hall

Carolyn began her long career in Zaria where she worked for the then Kaduna State Ministry of Education teaching in the UPE College. From there she moved to Maiduguri where she set up the Maiduguri International Primary School. Starting with 10 children in a garage the school grew to become the most successful school in the North East of the country and today has a population of 2,000 students aged from 3 yrs to 18 yrs.

From Maiduguri she moved to Lagos and joined the Nigerian Conservation Foundation where she established their Education Department. Working closely with the Federal Ministry of Education she was influential in having Environmental Education integrated into the National School Curriculum. She also developed the network of school conservation clubs, initiated the annual NCF Art & Essay Competition, facilitated the establishment of Environmental Education Units in the University of Calabar and the Benin Teacher Training College, ran Environmental Education workshops for teachers and published Tortoise, an environmental magazine for children.

In October 2010 she came together with a group of concerned individuals to set up Laptops 4 Learning (L4L), a Not-For-Profit Organization Limited by Guarantee. This group includes her husband Phil Hall, Tomi Davies, Abimbola Okoya-Urey, Diana Johnson, Ria Mastoroudes, Tunde Arogunmati, Funmi Onabolu and Ayo Kusamotu.

With the belief that the social and economic world of the future will be dominated by screen-based technology L4L’s goal is to provide primary school teachers and children in Nigeria with access to all types of computers, software, content, training and a conducive environment that will empower them to learn, explore, experiment and express themselves in creative and productive ways that will ultimately bring about transformative change in Nigeria.

For the past year L4L has been running a pilot project in Kuramo Primary School, Victoria Island, Lagos, the objective of which was to develop a replicable programme for primary schools across Nigeria. L4L provided technical and soft skills training for the teachers, laptops for the teachers and students, internet access and on-going technical support. Activities are centred on the L4L Club, an after-school activity which is open to all children in primary 4-6. Each child has access to his/her own laptop as do teachers who are there to facilitate the learning process using a ‘learning by doing’ approach. The club activities take place in the L4L Clubhouse, a classroom dedicated for the exclusive use of L4L which has been completely refurbished to provide a conducive and modern environment in which the children and teachers can immerse themselves in the world of ICT. By the end of the 2011/2012 school year over 150 children will have been exposed to using a laptop, become familiar with the screen-based technology, learnt how to search the internet and send emails.  The focus of L4L’s programme is on teachers and children in Public Primary Schools. It is an inclusive initiative in that teachers, parents and the local community are all involved. A very important element of the L4L programme is the Public/Private Partnership which has seen L4L working closely with the State and Local Government Education Authorities on the Kuramo pilot project which was funded by Flour Mills Nigeria.

L4LN at Kuramo School Launch

The launch of the Laptops4Learning initiative at the Kuramo Primary School which was attended by the Teachers of the School who received one laptop each for their 8 week training programme, members of L4L and Government officials.

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Providing laptops to Nigerian teachers and children as a learning tool

Laptops4Learning (L4L) Nigeria is a Non Profit organisation with the aim of providing laptops to Nigerian teachers and children as a learning tool.  L4L’s goal is to provide elementary and secondary teachers and school-age children in Nigeria with laptop computers, software, training and conducive environment that will empower them to learn, explore, experiment and express themselves in creative and productive ways that will ultimately bring about transformative change in Nigeria.

The Association consists of   Mr.Tunde Arogunmati, Carolyn Hall, Phil Hall, One Laptop Per Child Ltd/Gte , Abimbola Okoya-Urey, Funmi Onabolu, Diana Johnson and Ria Mastoroudes.

The evolution of the Laptops 4 Learning Nigeria project into a Computer Club chain template for schools which has been a tremendous improvement and brilliant re-engineering of the global One Laptop per Child template to the Nigerian (and invariably African) educational environment.

L4L proposed and Kuramo Primary School, VI agreed to participate in a L4L Pilot Project which will involve the creation of a L4L facility in one of the Kuramo Primary School classrooms, technical and soft skills training for the teachers, provision of laptops for the teachers and students in Primary 4, 5 and 6. The objective of the pilot project is to develop a replicable programme for primary schools that will enable teachers use laptops to teach and students use them as a learning tool based on the Nigerian curriculum.

Kuramo Primary School will make available a dedicated classroom within the school compound for the exclusive use of L4L for a minimum period of three years which is the period it will take for the students in primary 4 benefiting from the programme to reach primary 6. The classroom which will be designated as the “L4L Room” will be accessible to Kuramo Primary School teachers, students and authorized L4L members and representatives during school hours, afterschool and on weekends.

Laptops4Learning will refurbish the classroom by replacing furniture or fittings as it may deem necessary to make the room conducive for interactive learning.

The L4L Launch, formally opened by Golden Penny is called; Golden Penny L4L Club House. Golden Penny is the official sponsors of the club and are represented by Marilyn Drennan, Personal Assistant to the Managing Director and the Golden Penny team.

Nigeria: empowering children in Lagos State Primary Schools

Nigeria: empowering children in Lagos State Primary Schools through access to an after school Computer Club

The first L4L Computer Club was opened in Kuramo Primary School, Victoria Island, Lagos. All the teachers received technical and soft skills training and a small group selected to run the club which is open to all children in classes 4-6. The club operates after school hours Monday-Friday. Club activities include getting to know and use the computer to create documents, communicate with others far and near, research for information, play games, sharing and learning from each other, networking.

The club is housed in a classroom officially donated to L4L by the education authorities. The classroom has been totally renovated to provide a colourful and creative environment for the children. The L4L Computer Club in Kuramo has been sponsored by Flour Mills of Nigeria and the clubhouse is known as the Golden Penny Club House.

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