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L4L Nigeria (L4LN) is a non-profit social enterprise with the aim of providing screen-based technology to Nigerian teachers and children as a learning tool in order for them to embrace the 21st century.


L4LI’s mission is to empower the world’s poorest children through access to screen-base technology to become technically competent and confident and productive citizens of the future.

 “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”
– Malcolm X

About the programme

The world of the future will be dominated by screen technology and by providing access to this L4LI believes they are preparing today’s young children for tomorrow.

 L4LI believes that the education received by school aged children lays down the foundation for life and impacts directly on the effectiveness of secondary and tertiary education. Young school aged children are unafraid of technology, they are curious and ready to learn. They do not lack capability, they lack resources and opportunities. L4L aims to provide both of these.

Children learn best through doing and actively exploring their environment. L4LI believes strongly in child-centered learning and in the L4L Computer Clubhouse the teacher is there to facilitate the learning process and encourage collaborative as well as individual explorations through screen based technology.

We aim to provide each child with access to screen based technology as part of an after school programme of activities. Thus each child will become familiar with the latest development in communication technology and confident in its use. This opportunity will enable them to learn, explore, experiment and express themselves in productive ways that will ultimately bring about transformative change in their communities.

The first L4L Computer Club was opened in Lagos, Nigeria in April 2012.

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